European money for tourism development in the Timis Valley is coming! How do authorities get funding?

In an effort to make the most attractive for the various categories of tourists, our Banat area has a new idea. The potential for attractiveness of the River Timiş should be promoted. Here you can do a lot of recreational activities with small or medium investments without the need for big colossus on a big shore. Timis attracts just by its tranquility with rapid waters in the mountain area but much more humid in the plain.

Between descenting on a fast-paced kayak on long-distance family rowing, long sport fishing can take place. The shores could become excellent cycling tracks along the shadow of the meadow trees. Half day tours can go up to one-week camps on the waterfront. But that’s not all. Still quite untouched nature can also attract friends of ecology and the study of rich fauna and flora. In other parts of the world, so-called bird watching is very well developed. It’s about filming, photographing or just exploring birds in their natural environment with minimal interventions without disturbing their silence. Everything is done from well camouflaged shelters remotely, using very powerful telescopes.

To explore this potential and to put it in value, four serious partners promised to unlock the stagnation. The Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism in Timis County together with the Miltonia Association, the Pancevo Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Volunteer Center and Nature Conservation Movement Pancevo will start an international project of valorization of Timis. The project will launch European funds of nearly one million euros. Everything will be done throughout Timis from its springs until it flows into the Danube in the village of Pancevo in the southern Banat of Serbia. There, in fact, there is a real mini delta with pits and canals. So tourism will be beneficial both to both Romanian and Serbian.

The project leader in this case is the Volunteer Center and the Nature Conservation Movement Pancevo. They are very optimistic and hoping to attract five to ten thousand tourists who want to see the Timis so presented. Borislav Vulić, the center coordinator believes that Timis should be reinstated. There must be found tourist products specific to this river with great potential but unused. The first steps will be made with a precise mapping of recreational areas and their positioning on GPS systems.

Mariana Faur of the Miltonia Association says that economic agents and entrepreneurs who are going to intervene minimally in nature should be attracted. It remains to be seen how serious things will be moving in the valley of Timis, which deserves this effort.

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